Executive Medical Services in Greenwood, IN

Discover why more and more employers are opting for concierge medicine for employees in Greenwood, IN.

Through executive concierge medicine, Supro Direct can offer your employees what they truly need in a healthcare plan: affordability, accessibility, and exemplary service from a doctor who understands and cares for their well-being. We’re the key to a happy, healthy workforce in Greenwood, IN!

Benefits of Primary Care for Employees

Patient care is at the heart of our executive medical services. As a member of our concierge medicine program, employees can enjoy a long list of medical services provided at no additional cost:

  •  24/7 access via phone, text, or video chat
  • Extended office hours and same-day appointments
  • Annual complimentary blood work
  • Significant discounts on labs and imaging
  • Weight loss management
  • Mental health services for anxiety & depression
  • Spirometry
  • Laser therapy for chronic pain
  • RetinaVue eye exams
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
  • Cardiac stress treadmill testing
  • Advanced body composition analysis
  • Civil surgeon for immigration physical exam
  • In-house lab testing

Health Insurance and Concierge Medicine

As many are aware, health coverage is getting more pricey yet less comprehensive, forcing patients to pay for basic medical care. Our concierge medicine for companies in Greenwood, IN offers greater access to the primary care services employees need – without the burden of hidden or unexpected costs. Members who opt into this coverage also receive premium services at a discount, such as bioidentical hormone replacement and PRP injections. Plus, we assign a very limited number of patients to each physician, guaranteeing high-quality, unrushed medical care. Supro Direct believes in answering to its patients, not the insurance companies, and our executive concierge medicine is an example of that promise.

Benefits of Primary Care for Employers

As traditional healthcare services continue to rise in cost, employees routinely avoid doctor visits, which leads to more significant illnesses down the road. With 24/7 access to Supro Direct medical staff, your employees can get the help they need at earlier stages. This around-the-clock care is proven to decrease hospitalization and emergency services, leading to a reduction in sick days and ultimately absenteeism.

Taking a preventative approach to healthcare helps lessen illnesses as they arise. Employers who elect for executive medical services in Greenwood, IN experience healthier work environments, higher employee morale, and increased productivity. Be apart of our changing health system that demands better coverage for clinical services. Below is a list of the comprehensive testing services we offer through each visit:

  • Comprehensive medical history review including current medications and immunizations
  • Assessment of lifestyle factors, including nutrition, stress management, alcohol, tobacco, personal safety, and other indicators of disease risk
  • Screening for early diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, and other conditions
  • Cardiovascular fitness evaluation and stress test
  • As needed: vision and hearing tests, and counseling for dermatology, stress management, cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, and other conditions

Typical health care programs do not have the capabilities we, as concierge medicine specialists, have in terms of efficiency and personalized care. In addition to the everyday testing services we offer, Supro Direct also relies upon genomic testing to identify inherited mutations that present a risk for cancer. Suppressing cancer cells is far more effective when detected early, and allows our physicians to better recommend appropriate treatments.

If our physicians cannot directly treat their patients, we’re able to coordinate care with other specialists. Supro Direct believes in this comprehensive approach to integrative care, as it puts patients at the core of our services.

Executive Medical Center

Our concierge medicine for companies in Greenwood, IN offers more coverage than other primary care doctors can provide. With same-day appointments, 24/7 access to your physician, and short wait times, Supro Direct is committed to delivering a more well-rounded healthcare system for our patients. Easier to access healthcare translates to a stronger environment within your workspace. Find out why more and more Indiana employers are electing for executive concierge medicine coverage by contacting our medical directors today!

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