Botox for Crow’s Feet Injections: Your Questions Answered

Botox is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure used to treat many signs of aging. Learn more and see if you’re a good candidate for Botox for crow’s feet!

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If you’re like many adults, you may have tried almost every skincare product on the market to treat your crow’s feet to no avail. Although extremely common, these fine lines around your eyes can be difficult to target, especially as we age. Fortunately, you have other effective treatment options to consider, including Botox. This minimally invasive cosmetic treatment can tackle even your most stubborn fine lines. Below, we’ll cover some of the most common questions regarding Botox for crow’s feet.

Why You Should Use Botox to Treat Your Crow’s Feet

After gaining approval by the FDA in 2013, Botox injections have become one of the most commonly used cosmetic procedures to treat facial wrinkles, laugh lines, frown lines, and other unwanted fine lines on the face. It’s generally considered to be a safe procedure with little to no side effects.

Like other products containing botulinum toxin type A, it targets the facial muscles around the corners of your eyes by temporarily paralyzing them and blocking specific nerve signals. After these nerve signals are blocked, and your muscles start to relax, the appearance of crow’s feet on your face starts fading, leaving you with younger-looking skin.

How many units of Botox for crow’s feet are required?

The FDA recommends individuals use twelve units per side of the face to treat crow’s feet effectively. However, there is no definite number. The actual number of units needed usually varies from one person to the next. Some factors that may influence how many units you need include:

  • Muscle strength
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Metabolism
  • Past use
  • Individual treatment goals

Although many patients start noticing positive results as early as a week after treatment, effects are temporary and last on average three to four months. To control signs of aging, many choose to undergo additional treatments.

How much does Botox for crow’s feet cost in Indianapolis, IN?

Like other Botox treatments, the cost to treat crow’s feet depends on your individual needs and aesthetic goals. Our specialists will look at the crow’s feet treatment area, size, and the number of sessions you’ll need during your initial consultation before arriving at a specific price point. You can contact our office directly for additional information.

Are you a good candidate for Botox for crow’s feet?

Botox is regarded as a relatively safe procedure if performed by an experienced and certified professional. Many healthy individuals over the age of 18 can qualify for Botox injections, but you may not be a good candidate if you:

  • Have a neuromuscular disease
  • Are pregnant, nursing, or plan to become pregnant
  • Have weakness in certain muscle areas of your face
  • Have ptosis, deep facial scarring, uneven facial features, or other skin problems near the injection site

If you’re considering getting any type of Botox injection, be sure to inform your provider of your medical history and all medications, vitamins, and supplements you use.

If done on an ongoing basis by a certified practitioner, Botox injections may be an effective skincare treatment option for you. Nonetheless, it’s not always suitable for everyone, and results may vary based on your health history and treatment goals. To see if you’d be a good candidate for Botox for crow’s feet in Indianapolis, IN, reach out to the certified specialists at Supro Direct. We can set up a consultation, discuss possible treatment options, and help you reach your journey to healthier, younger-looking skin!

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