Patients love the care and attention they receive from Supro Direct’s lead physician, Dr. Praveen Rajanhalli, MD, MBA. See what past patients are saying about our practice.

Ramya Rao icon verified
October 06, 2021

They went above and beyond than what we asked for. Super doctor and super staff!!

Gracebokonji Okonji icon verified
September 23, 2021

The best place for your immigration Exams !i love mandy ❤️it’s simply the best in Indiana

HEMANTH SHIVANNA icon verified
September 20, 2021

Very informative, friendly and professional service.

Camilla Zhang icon verified
August 31, 2021

Great experience here. Very helpful and friendly staff members.

Thibault Vieilledent icon verified
August 24, 2021

Amazing staff and Dr! Couldn’t have asked for a better team!

Lakshman Rajagopal icon verified
August 17, 2021

First time learning about concierge service, it is a new paradigm and Dr Praveen is awesome. Also best in town for immigration related medical services.

Neha Deshmukh icon verified
August 17, 2021

Absolutely great and welcoming staff (Amanda and Nadia). Doc. Raj is very warm and patient with all questions. Just loved the overall experience

venus Dhas icon verified
August 10, 2021

We had an awesome experience at Dr. Praveen Rajanahalli’s clinic. All the staffs were great and polite.

Prasad Annangi icon verified
August 07, 2021

Great staff and great service. Dr. Raj is very kind, knowledgeable and professional. My family and I had a great experience with Supro Direct. I would highly recommend this clinic to others.

Ramakrishnarayudu Jolla icon verified
July 07, 2021

Recently I had a visit and the staff was amazing especially Amanda who helped me with the process from the beginning to the end. It was a great experience and I recommend this place to everyone. You won’t regret it.

Janett Orozco Arteaga icon verified
June 07, 2021

Had an amazing experience for my immigration medical exam! Got an appt within 2 days and they treated me very kindly. Dr. Rajanahalli was very knowledgeable and took the time to address any other concerns I had apart from the exam. I did not feel rushed at all, which I greatly appreciate! Thank you for the great experience and making this much easier.

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Srinivas STV icon verified
May 07, 2021

Visited this place for immigration and had a 'Supr' experience at Supro, starting from booking the appointment till collecting the documents. Staff are very professional and kind. I would highly recommend this place.Dr.Raj is the best in town.

Sheila Sesering icon verified
February 07, 2021

My family and I had a great experience with Supro Direct. Kind and quick service, totally met our expectations.

Valentina Vazquez icon verified
February 07, 2021

In 2018 I had my immigration physical examination. My overall experience with Dr. Praveen and the staff was excellent. The examination, follow up, customer care, time of the processes met 100% my expectations. I will definitely recommend it.

Charnjit Singh icon verified
September 07, 2020

Best doctor In town. If u really want some professional doctor go see them 5 stars from me.

Delight Owu icon verified
September 07, 2020

The doctor and staff had patients or clients at heart and worked well to satisfy our needs. I was very satisfied with their high level of professionalism and care. I would recommend them to anybody any day and anytime. Supro Direct, keep the good job up.

AHMAD ALDOSSARY icon verified
September 07, 2020

Very convenient clinic. The front desk employees always make u feel welcomed. Very professional doctor. I highly recommend anyone have to do physical examinations for immigration, that’s right place to goThank u much for ur service 💯

張Pei icon verified
September 07, 2020

if you are looking for immigration physical exam, find no more! Supro Direct is the place you need! I have called several clinics before deciding to have my exam at Supro Direct. The reason I highly recommend Supro Direct is that they are knowledgeable about the whole process of immigration physical exam and know the necessary blood tests needed, which gave me a peace of mind. I know you will agree with me that a peace of mind is hard to come by during the journey of the immigration process. I know that I can count on Supro Direct to do good job for me. Many clinics could not provide me clear instructions about the fee and required exams. Supor Direct was able to answer all my questions clearly and their price is reasonable compared with others. The best part is that you can get an appointment within 2 days!! Amanda, Nadja and Dr. Rajanahalli were super awesome and friendly. Their clinic was quiet with complementary soft drinks and coffee. You won't regret choosing Supro Direct for your immigration physical exam!

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gurlal bhangu icon verified
September 07, 2019

Very professional assistance. Made us feel right at home and very friendly doctor and staff.

Ossama Elbarawy icon verified
September 07, 2019

From the google search, to the initial call in for info. As well as the registration at front desk. Very polite and helpful. Then came the time to go to room for exam, it was an immigration clinical tests. Dr. Rajanahalli was very welcoming and professional. All the staff was very informative on their part.

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Jake Marlin icon verified
September 07, 2019

After years of chronic shoulder pain and a surgery to repair my labrum and rotator cuff, I decided to pursue the PRP therapy approach. The procedure resulted in significantly less shoulder pain, increased range of motion and a noticeable improvement in joint stability. Dr. Rajanahalli and his staff were always kind and professional, and it was readily apparent they were invested in improving my level of well-being from the first visit.

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Sanjay Yesi icon verified
September 07, 2019

Excellent service and very helpful. I would highly recommend this doctor.

Moura Ofisyèl icon verified
September 07, 2019

My name is Alex Louis,I’m from Haiti 🇭🇹I love this place and they are Good peoples ! Doctor Roger... And Miss Amanda !! I love you guys keep doing the 👏 Good job 👍🏽

Julie Zing icon verified
September 07, 2019

To start off with, the office was really nice. I wouldn’t mind going to the office just to look around. On top of that, Amanda was really friendly and was really understanding. She was so patient with me and my family. Doctor Raj was so friendly and kind. I would totally go back to them in the future and recommend them to everyone. Great service. They make everyone feel welcome!!☺️☺️

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Karl Glander icon verified
September 07, 2018

It is nice that an M.D. and his staff truly care about my health. They want me to be healthy and strive to do so. Their interest in my health goes way beyond taking care of me when I am sick. I am confident that my overall health is in great hands.

Annemarie Marx icon verified
September 07, 2018

Very professional assistance. Made us feel right at home and very friendly doctor and staff.Highly reccomend them.

Rishi Pattar icon verified
September 07, 2018

Aside from the expert level of care and attentiveness, they make sure to emphasize overall well-being and happiness, which is often overlooked in today's health care. Feeling better than ever thanks to the folks at Supro Direct.

hamdi coskunpinar icon verified
September 07, 2018

Recently visited Supro Direct for the first time and was a patient of Dr. Praveen Rajanahalli. His positive, genuine and kind attitude immediately gained our trust. He was patient and insightful, and went above and beyond with ensuring that all of our questions were addressed. The staff was also kind and professional. Definitely recommend for an efficient and pleasant experience.

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Hui Ju Chen (Delphine) icon verified
September 07, 2018

Recommend for the efficient and pleasant experience

Mohan Subramanian icon verified
September 07, 2018

I have been to so many doctors in my life and Dr.Praveen Rajanahalli is the best Dr. I have ever encountered. He has always impressed me with his extensive knowledge and always takes the time to talk with me so I never feel rushed. Dr Rajanahalli is very friendly,compassionate and considerate to me.When I come for a visit I feel like I’m visiting a family, the staff Arania and Heidi working at doctor's office are absolutely amazing and caring!!!For immigration medical exam, Dr. Rajanahalli is the best!! Fast and efficient!! I Highly recommend Dr.Rajanahalli and Suprodirect!!

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