Cardiac Stress Treadmill Testing

Measure your heart’s ability to react to external stress in a controlled setting.

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Get a closer look at how your heart responds to external stress with a cardiac stress treadmill test from Supro Direct!

Our office offers convenient cardiac stress treadmill testing in Greenwood, IN for patients needing further analysis on the effectiveness of previous heart procedures, overall circulation, or to help assess other general heart health needs. During your exercise test, a trained physician will monitor your heart as you walk briskly or lightly jog on a treadmill for a controlled amount of time. While you complete the test, your doctor will continuously monitor your heart rate and more, being sure to guide you through the test from start to finish.

If you’re in need of local cardiac stress exercise tests in the greater Indianapolis area, don’t hesitate to contact the doctors at Supro Direct! Book your appointment today to get started on your heart health journey.

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