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Routine checkups and preventative care are critical to your overall well-being. Work with a family physician to begin taking charge of your health.

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At Supro Direct, our family medicine physicians have years of experience treating patients of all ages, and in need of a wide variety of health care. With same or next day appointments, our primary care office in Greenwood, IN is the clear choice for family health care in the greater Indianapolis, IN area.

Family Medicine Practice in Greenwood, IN

Our family physicians believe that preventative care is a critical component in maintaining overall health and well being. As a result, we encourage patients to schedule routine checkups, screenings, and physicals to identify any potential health issues before diseases and more serious health problems arise.

Some of the most common family medicine services offered at our office include:

To learn more about our Greenwood, IN family health clinic and our family medicine subspecialties, please call our office at 317-300-7424.

Family Medicine Physician in Greenwood, IN

Dr. Praveen Rajanahalli and Dr. Suma Kharidi are the lead family medicine physicians at Supro Direct. Dr. Rajanahalli has more than 14 years of clinical experience, and specializes particularly in chronic pain and acute medical conditions. After completing his Family Medicine Residency at Community Health Network in Indianapolis, IN, he earned an MBA in healthcare from Indiana University and opened his own family practice in Greenwood, IN.

Dr. Suma Kharidi brings more than a decade of family health care experience to the Supro Direct practice. She also completed her Family Medicine Residency at Community Hospital in Indianapolis, IN, and now uses that experience to treat her patients at Supro Direct. Dr. Kharidi is Board Certified in family medicine, and is an active member of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

To learn more about our family medicine doctors in Greenwood, IN and to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 317-300-7424 or request an appointment online.

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Begin your health care journey with the specialists at Supro Direct Concierge Medicine. With same or next-day appointments, experienced physicians, and an innovative approach to health, we take primary care to the next level!


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