IV Therapy for Weight Loss

Improve your metabolism speed and begin burning more fat with IV treatments aimed at metabolism performance.

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Get-Up-And-Go IV therapy gives your metabolism the jump start it needs to begin burning fat. With our unique blend of amino acids and Olympia vitamin complexes, you’ll have the energy you need to enhance your athletic performance and boost metabolism to achieve results.

How Can IV Treatment for Weight Loss in Indianapolis, IN Help You?

If you’re struggling to see results after regularly working out and eating right, consider kickstarting your metabolism with Get-Up-And-Go. Some of the most common benefits patients enjoy after receiving Get-Up-And-Go therapy include:

  • get up and go iv therapy bagIncreased energy
  • Help burning fat
  • Improved metabolism
  • Enhanced performance

To learn more about IV therapy for metabolism and fat burning, contact Supro Direct at 317-300-7424. We are the premier physician’s office in the greater Indianapolis, IN area offering specialized IV nutritional therapy to help patients achieve optimal wellness. Schedule a same or next-day appointment to get started and begin reaping the many benefits of intravenous treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your Get Up & Go IV solution contain?

The solution we use at Supro Direct for metabolism IV treatments is made up of a proprietary blend of B-complex vitamins and essential amino acids. The B vitamins help the body to convert nutrients into much-needed energy, while the amino acids help to decrease muscle loss, enhance performance, and ultimately, give the metabolism a boost.

Who should consider getting an IV weight loss infusion?

Get-Up-and-Go IV therapy is ideal for adults that need to kickstart their metabolism. Often, we hear complaints that after months of regular workouts and clean eating, patients aren’t seeing the results they expected from their hard work. For some, receiving a few metabolism IV treatments can be just the thing they need to begin seeing those results and burning fat. Talk to your physician before receiving treatment to determine if IV therapy is right for you.

How long does Iv drip therapy for weight loss take?

Most people require 30 to 45 minutes for metabolism IV therapy. We encourage our patients to bring a book, tablet, or headphones to sit back and relax in one of our comfortable patient rooms while receiving treatment.

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