Menopause Treatment

Let the physicians at Supro Direct develop a custom menopause treatment plan to relieve your symptoms.

Are you in dire need of menopause treatment in Indianapolis, IN? Schedule an appointment with the women’s health professionals at Supro Direct!

No two women experience menopause symptoms the same; that’s why Supro Direct physicians take a personalized approach to menopause treatment and perimenopause treatment. By listening to your concerns and identifying signs of menopause, we can develop a custom menopause treatment to relieve your symptoms.

Some of the most common menopause treatments provided by the physicians at Supro Direct include bioidentical hormone replacement, menopausal hormone therapy, vaginal estrogen, antidepressants, and more.

In addition to treating symptoms, our team of medical professionals can also help you identify behavior and habits that may be worsening your symptoms, so that you can limit symptoms all together. For example, by cutting out consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods, many patients are able to minimize hot flashes.

To learn more about menopause treatment in Greenwood, IN, Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding areas, contact Supro Direct today!

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