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Start getting relief from your depression symptoms without the use of medication.

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Over 17.3 million adults suffer from depression in the United States. Unfortunately, research suggests that between 29 and 46 percent of those affected fail to respond to antidepressant treatment. If you’re battling depression and haven’t found success using medications, it may be time to start weighing other options, like NeuroStar TMS therapy.

What is NeuroStar TMS Therapy?

chair used by neurostar tms therapy for depression patients

Think of NeuroStar as physical therapy—for your brain. This non-invasive procedure can stimulate nerve cells and help you find relief from your depression symptoms. Targeted magnetic pulses from the machine reactivate connections in the brain that are sluggish in depressed patients.

During treatment, a cushioned coil is placed on your head, and magnetic pulses target areas of your brain that control your mood. Many of our clients find this process to be painless. You may end up feeling a tingling, tapping, or warming sensation where the coil is placed; however, this is temporary and usually diminishes with additional treatments.

NeuroStar TMS Therapy for Depression: Is it right for you?

Depressed patients are thought to have reduced activity in areas of the brain that help to regulate mood. With NeuroStar, you won’t have to worry about taking another medication and putting up with the unwanted side effects associated with antidepressants, like weight gain, dry mouth, and fatigue. TMS alternatives are completely non-systemic, meaning they won’t affect your entire body.

Sessions typically last as little as 19 minutes per day. If you’re like many patients after TMS therapy in Indianapolis, IN, you can return to your normal daytime activities and expect to see results by the fourth week. Best of all, it’s FDA-approved and proven safe and effective in clinical trials. Many people choose TMS therapy over other forms of treatment for the following reasons:

  • Non-invasive
  • Covered by most insurance
  • FDA-approved
  • Not considered shock therapy
  • Drug-free
  • Safe and effective

If you’re ready to start alleviating your depression symptoms without the use of prescription drugs, reach out to the specialists at Supro Direct today! We’d love to discuss your mental health goals and get you on the path toward relief. Contact our office today to learn more and schedule an appointment for TMS therapy near you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NeuroStar Therapy approved by the FDA for treating depression?

Yes. In 2008, the FDA cleared NeuroStar as a depression treatment. In 2022, the FDA cleared NeuroStar for the treatment of OCD and anxious depression.

How long does a typical NeuroStar Therapy session last?

Most sessions are about 19 minutes long.

Is NeuroStar Therapy painful or uncomfortable?

Some patients report experiencing mild to moderate discomfort around the treatment site during the first week of treatment. Typically, this pain experienced pain or discomfort subsides after subsequent treatments.

What are side effects of NeuroStar?

Mild to moderate pain or discomfort around the treatment site is the most common side effect of NeuroStar. For a full list of side effects, please visit the NeuroStar website.

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