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IV drips can complement your diet and workout routine!

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Know that even the best IV therapy for weight loss won’t be your magic solution. No quick fixes allow you to bypass eating healthy and moving your body more. However, IV therapy can complement these efforts and support your health and wellness goals. Weight loss routines have a bit of a domino effect in that the more effort you put into one, the more you get back. If you’re ready to pour into yourself more in the new year, learn how IV therapy can support your weight loss goals.

How does IV therapy help you lose weight?

IV therapy is very customizable and can be optimized to support different weight management goals, whether that’s building muscle mass, maintaining your current weight, or slimming down. Besides supporting changes to your body composition, the right fluids can aid your pre-work-out and post-work-out, enhance your metabolic function, and so much more.

The minerals and vitamins are deposited directly into your bloodstream, which allows your body to absorb more essential nutrients than it would with oral consumption. The digestive system works wonders, but it takes several days to circulate nutrients. IV therapy is a fast-working and effective way to get nutrient formulations specific to your unique weight management goals.

Which IV therapy should you do to lose weight?

At Supro Direct, we meet with all patients before their IV appointment to make treatment recommendations. You’ll want to determine the right combination of supplements to give you the benefits you are looking for, so be sure to consult with an IV drip specialist.

Best IV Therapy for Weight Loss and Boosting Metabolism

If weight loss is the goal, then your fat burning IV drip will most likely contain methionine, inositol, and choline (MIC). These lipotropic nutrients break down fat deposits, speed up metabolic processes, and lower glucose levels. MIC is combined with other nutrients to metabolize fats and carbohydrates, reduce cholesterol levels, and transform nutrients into energy.

IV Therapy for Building Muscle Mass and Increasing Energy

IV drips offer a long list of benefits to enhance athletic performance and recovery. They are a comprehensive way of getting all the vitamins and fluids you need to power your workouts, hydrate, and restore and promote the proper function of muscles. Athletes use IV therapy to:

  • Promote muscle and nerve function
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Support protein production
  • Decrease oxidative stress by removing free radicals
  • Replenish electrolyte levels
  • Improve cellular repair
  • Increase bone strength

Your IV drip specialist can recommend the right mixture for you, but some common options are hydration therapy, NAD therapy, amino acid therapy, energy boost therapy, and Vitamin B-12 injections.

IV Drip for Strength, Energy and Hydration

In addition to using IV therapy for weight loss, many patients use it to optimize energy levels and hydrate. For athletes looking to minimize recovery times and achieve optimal performance, our IV recovery therapy is a great option. For those in need of an energy boost or hydration, consider our Myers Cocktail IV therapy or Quench IV therapy.

What to know before getting a weight loss drip

Once you decide which IV therapy is right for your goals with your provider, you can basically sit back and relax! Before your appointment, you’ll want to hydrate well to aid your body’s responsiveness to the treatment. Make sure to eat a balanced meal, preferably with protein, to avoid nausea. Then, try to relax by wearing comfortable clothing, bringing a book or music to listen to, and performing any relaxation exercises before your session to relieve nerve tension. IV therapy isn’t painful to most, but the process can feel a bit draining. Some sessions can last up to two hours, so you should be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Supro Direct helps its patients achieve optimal wellness! We are the leading provider of IV drips for weight loss in Greenwood, Indiana. To get started, schedule a consultation with a specialist to discuss your IV treatment goals!

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