Laser Hair Removal for the Face in Greenwood, IN

It’s time to keep peach fuzz from growing back!

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Everyone has body hair growing somewhere they would prefer it not to be. Maybe it’s those pesky sideburns, unwanted hairs on your upper lip, or a thick patch between your eyebrows. At Supro Direct, we want everyone to feel comfortable in their skin. That’s why we provide state-of-the-art services for laser hair removal for the face in Greenwood, IN.

How many laser hair removal treatments for the face are needed?

Everyone’s body is different, and biological factors like skin type and the characteristics of your body hair can affect how many sessions you will need. Usually, it takes two to six treatments to achieve total hair removal. Luckily, sessions can be done in only a few minutes, depending on which part of the body is undergoing treatment. For instance, a laser hair removal treatment on your upper lip might only take five minutes. The same treatment on your back could take an hour.

How does laser treatment for facial hair removal work?

Facial laser hair removal is an FDA-approved, minimally-invasive treatment that provides permanent hair reduction or removal and can be done right in our office. We use laser light technology to target hair follicles and destroy them at the root. While the targeted follicles can’t grow back, new hair growth will occur, which is why you need multiple sessions and occasional touch-ups.

It’s vital that you stop waxing or plucking the treatment area six weeks before your session because laser hair removal works only on follicles in the hair growth stage. For the best results and to avoid burning hair strands and your skin, we recommend shaving up to 24 hours before your first session.

Facial laser hair removal can leave your skin red and swollen, so listening to your care provider’s instructions for post-treatment skin care is essential.

Are you tired of using wax, razors, and tweezers? Contact one of our expert physicians in Greenwood, Indiana for your laser hair removal consultation! If you have other problem areas, we also offer laser hair removal for underarms, upper lips, and bikini lines, as well as full Brazilian.

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