Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal in Greenwood, IN

Say goodbye to upper lip hair with this non-invasive hair removal option!

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Sick of tweezing, plucking, and waxing your unwanted hair? While it’s no secret that everyone has some facial hair, it’s also perfectly normal to want to remove upper lip hair growth. Supro Direct offers upper lip laser hair removal in Greenwood, IN to help you look and feel your best.

How many laser hair removal treatments for the upper lip will I need?

With laser hair removal procedures, you can see results as quickly as after your first appointment! That said, most people will need several treatments to achieve significant hair reductions. Additionally, you’ll most likely want to get maintenance treatments done once or twice a year until you stop seeing regrowth. Your skin type, skin tone, and characteristics of your body hair can all play into how many treatments you will need.

How does laser treatment for upper lip hair removal work?

Unlike other hair removal methods, laser treatment destroys your hair follicles at the root. This FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure works by aiming low-intensity laser light at your follicles. This light is attracted to the pigment melanin and will consequently heat up and destroy the hair follicles.

To keep your upper lip hair-free long-term, your hair follicles will need to be treated during a specific growth phase. This is one of the reasons that maintenance treatments are crucial!

Laser treatment for upper lip hair removal side effects

Laser hair removal has very few side effects, with the most common being mild irritation at the treatment area. Before you come in for the procedure, you may need to modify your skincare routine. You’ll want to avoid sun exposure, chemical peels, and any injectables such as Botox before your appointment.

If you’re ready to live hair-free and carefree, book your consultation for laser hair removal in Greenwood, Indiana with Supro Direct today. When you come in, our physicians will develop a plan to meet your hair removal goals. Whether you are only interested in upper lip hair removal or are considering treating your underarms, bikini line, or other facial areas, we can help you achieve permanent hair reduction!

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