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Monitor and analyze changes in lesions with regular skin checks at Supro Direct.

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According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 70 – 80% of melanomas come from a spot on the skin, and 20 – 30% come from a change to an existing mole. To help patients effectively monitor changes to their skin, Supro Direct offers mole mapping, skin checks, and biopsy and analysis services.

Mole Mapping and Skin Checks in Greenwood, IN

Skin checks in Greenwood, IN have never been simpler than they are at Supro Direct! Using SkinIO’s mole-mapping technology, we can easily capture full-body imaging in just five minutes. By comparing the sequential photographs captured with SkinIO, our team of doctors can create a visual timeline of your skin over time. The technology’s automated mole-mapping results track any new, abnormal, or changing lesions, allowing our doctors to more effectively monitor your health.

If any abnormalities were to arise during a skin check at Supro Direct, our physicians have the ability to perform a more in depth analysis, and biopsy the area of concern if necessary.

Biopsies are one of our first lines of defense against skin cancer, infections, and other skin conditions. Through a biopsy procedure, our physicians remove a small area of cells or skin and then analyze the tissue sample to rule out any conditions and diseases. Once we test the skin, we’ll set up a follow-up appointment to discuss results and any recommended course of action for the patient to take moving forward.

We strive to make our patients as relaxed as possible during any type of procedure. For a team of skin care doctors you can trust, rely on Supro Direct for your skin check, biopsy, and analysis needs. Schedule an appointment with one of our primary care providers today! To learn more about SkinIO, call our office at 317-300-7424 or watch the informational video below.

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