Wound Healing and Scar Reduction

Supro Direct utilizes various wound and scar healing techniques to enhance treatment.

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Surgical Wound Healing in Indianapolis, IN

When we think of our body’s recovery processes, we don’t often consider comorbidities that can impact our healing outcomes. Supro Direct promotes more advanced healing of wounds and scars through a variety of therapeutic techniques, including PRP, laser therapy, and microneedling. These processes stimulate our body’s natural healing responses, allowing patients to achieve visible results quicker and more effectively.

Not only are these processes effective in treating the appearance of a wound, but they’re also able to manage its associated pain. Request an appointment with Supro Direct to learn more about our wound healing and scar reduction treatments!

before and after incision
Patient post-surgery incision before and after PRP treatments. Each PRP injection was done two weeks apart.

What Our Patients Are Saying

“In May, I had a plastic surgeon go in and tie some muscles back together. Not long after surgery, my incision came open after already being laid up for two weeks. Dr. Rajanahalli just so happened to check on me after this incident because he had not heard or seen me for a while. I told him what happened and was feeling very down about it, so he told me to come in to see if there was anything he could do. The next morning, I went in. He and Heidi King took a look and told me about the PRP and how it could benefit me. A couple days later, we started and it only took about two and a half weeks to see the results we needed. Dr. R and Heidi were so good throughout the process. They also stayed very sterile, which is great due to my Lupus. I could not believe I sat at home in pain for two when I should have been in the office doing PRP. I am thankful he called to check on me and got me in so quickly. I highly recommend the PRP to anyone with trouble healing or an open wound. Dr. R is a great man, a great doctor, and he takes very good care of his patients.”

– Carole H.


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