4 Natural Treatments for Menopause

Explore common signs of menopause and treatment options.

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Menopause is the natural process that women enter as they approach the end of their reproductive cycle. Typically, women enter menopause between the ages of 51 and 52. Even before your period comes to an end, you may begin experiencing menopausal symptoms. Because your body is producing less estrogen, you may start experiencing a multitude of changes. Hot flashes and night sweats, insomnia, mood changes, lowered sex drive, and vaginal dryness are among the most common. Luckily, there are ways to reduce symptoms of menopause and improve your quality of life with natural treatments for menopause.

Your Guide to Natural Treatments for Menopause

The term menopause describes the side effects that come along with this stage of a woman’s life. Although menopause can be a challenging time, natural remedies can alleviate many of the symptoms women experience. If you believe you’re entering menopause, learn to recognize common signs, and take charge of your treatment options.

  1. Consider Your Diet

Regardless of your age, a healthy lifestyle is always beneficial. Taking extra care to stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet can help ease the effects of menopause. With these changes occurring in your body, you may experience a slight weight gain. Participating in regular exercise and eating plenty of protein should ward off extra inches. Eliminating spicy foods from your diet can also help to reduce hot flashes. If that’s not enough, look into black cohosh, a root that when formed into capsules, and sometimes tea, prevents hot flashes.

  1. Make Your Mental Health a Priority

Mood changes during menopause are quite common. 45% of women experience psychogenic symptoms such as an increase in anxiety, depression, mood swings, and difficulty focusing. These symptoms can be crippling if not appropriately treated.

Make time to be mindful and consider
practicing yoga as a way to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. Exercising regularly, making dietary changes, and getting enough sleep can all also make a positive impact on your mental health.

  1. Manage Your Sexual Health

Vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy can cause pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. Coconut oil and aloe vera are natural vaginal lubricants and vaginal moisturizers that can bring about relief. Vitamin E suppositories encourage lubrication, as well. Moisturizers and lubricants are excellent over the counter solutions.

  1. Consider Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Traditional hormone replacement therapy has shown to increase your risk of breast cancer, blood clots, and heart disease. At Supro Direct, we offer bioidentical hormone therapy to treat menopause. Bioidentical hormones are lab-made hormones that are virtually identical to the ones our bodies produce naturally. Women who participate in estrogen therapy experience less fatigue, fewer hot flushes, as well as improved sleep, sex drive, and memory.

Like other hormone shifts, you may experience different combinations of these menopause symptoms compared to other women, and they may occur at varying intensity. If you aren’t sure if what you’re experiencing is menopause, a medical professional can test your estrogen levels.

If you’re experiencing menopausal symptoms in the Greenwood, IN area, contact Supro Direct. Our team of experienced physicians is happy to help with additional information about menopause, as well as to help you determine the more effective treatment for you. With short wait times and same or next-day appointments, there’s no better primary care in Indianapolis, IN. Plus, our concierge medical care program puts you first with increased preventative care, shorter wait times, and longer appointments. 

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