Low Testosterone Treatment

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and hormone supplements can alleviate symptoms of low testosterone for men.

Did you know that testosterone levels peak in men by early adulthood? Beginning in your early 40s, testosterone levels may decrease at a rate of 1-2% per year. Frequently, by the time men are in their 50s, they begin experiencing symptoms of low testosterone including reduced muscle mass, fatigue, decreased sex drive, weight gain, and much more. If you think you may be feeling the effects of low testosterone, also known as male hypogonadism or low-t, you’re not alone! Millions of men are impacted by low-T.

Although there’s no cure for low-T, treatment can help alleviate your symptoms. From testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to hormone supplements, Supro Direct physicians can develop a custom plan to treat your low-T symptoms.

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